Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning Services Rates & Timings

Are your cleaning services rates charged by the hour?
Yes, we charge AED 35/hour for regular weekdays and AED 45/hour on Fridays and holidays.
Can I avail any discounts or special rates?
Can I book for services even on holidays?
If I only book a maid for x hours and find that there are more jobs I need done, can I ask the maid to stay and just pay the cleaning services rates for the extra time?

Click here for more information about our rates and timings.


How do I pay for your cleaning services?
You can choose to pay our maids directly after every visit OR pay in advance any bookings done on a weekly/monthly basis.
Do you accept credit cards?

General Questions

Do I have to be there to supervise the maids?
We only request on-site client supervision for our babysitting services. Otherwise, you can just call or email us if you have any specific cleaning instructions or tell them directly to the maid before you leave.
What should I do if I’m not going to be at home when the maid comes?
Will the same maid be assigned to my home every time?
If I already have a regular cleaning service booked with you but have to cancel because of something that has come up urgently (Example: traveling), will my scheduled cleaning service still be available when I am back?
Do you have a cancelation policy?